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Three (3) registered local consulting companies have formed a consortium to undertake the work required for the compilation of the World Heritage Site Nomination Dossier. These companies are;

The consortium as a whole presents a unique, highly qualified and exceptionally positioned team to manage, facilitate and deliver a successful and supported World Heritage Site Nomination Dossier for submission to UNESCO by 2010.

  1. The firms are locally based, with the Lead Consultancy and Project Leader based in Barberton, the service providers are well positioned to manage the project with local resources, knowledge and experience at their finger tips.
  2. The main consultants are very knowledgeable of the WHS as a whole and in their respective contributions to the Nomination Dossier. In particular, the Project Leader played a lead role in the compilation of the submission to the South African World Heritage Convention Committee (SAWHCC) for BMML to be placed on the South African World Heritage Tentative List submitted in November 2007 and approved in June 2008.
  3. The specific technical expertise and the local knowledge of the consortium members will make it possible to translate any external specialist reports (such as the geological inventory from internationally renowned geologists) into meaningful inputs to achieve the required local development objectives (converting geological information into sites of visitor interest).
  4. The consortium members have already successfully worked together on a variety of projects both within and outside of the WHS. This lays the basis for further successful cooperation.
  5. The consortium members have already amassed a substantial body of data, photographic material and GIS (Geographic Information System) layers for the WHS area.
  6. The information, images and technology at the consortium’s disposal will be able to add a creative visual dimension and sensitivity analysis to the zonation process and also the public consultation processes.
  7. Consortium members and Project Team Members have had extensive experience in working with local communities through participatory consultation and development mechanisms which will facilitate the critical buy-in of local stakeholders to the WHS planning process as well as raise awareness and involvement in sustainable socio-economic development opportunities arising from achieving WHS status.

Project Team

Tony Ferrar
(Project Leader)
Consulting Ecologist, Park Planner and Eco-Tourism Development Specialist
Sue Brandt
(Project Manager)
Project Planner and Social and Economic Development Consultant
Dr Dion Brandt
(Project Finance Manager)
Consulting Geologist
Dr Marc Stalmans Consulting Ecologist and Local Biodiversity and Wildlife and Habitat Management Specialist
Dr Aaron Malindzisa Siswati author, communications and heritage specialist
Anthony Emery Conservation Biologist and GIS Specialist
Marlies Liebenburg
(Project Administrator)
Heritage and Anthropology Specialist
Cindy Strydom Project Administration & Support

In addition to their own expertise, Consortium members have, through their previous work in the Project area, access to numerous internationally renowned specialists, particularly in the geological and bio-diversity fields. Additional expertise in the tourism, legal, interpretative, cultural and training fields, will be obtained as required.

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