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The Consortium’s task is to deliver a complete and successful WHS Nomination Dossier. The Dossier, in the UNESCO prescribed format, must integrate the outcomes of all of the processes undertaken and the documents produced during the lengthy planning process.  The body of the text summarizes the main elements of the work, spelling out all executive statements and decisions involved.  Background documents and other, more detailed sections such as the Integrated Conservation Management and Development Plan, summarized or in full, may be attached as Annexes.

There are also procedures outside of the planning project that need to be taken into account when the overall time line is considered.  Once completed in final draft (expected to be completed within an eighteen (18) month period), the Nomination Dossier will first be presented to the SAWHCC for approval.  Once approved, and edited if necessary, the final version of the Dossier is forwarded by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT)  for their review prior to their submitting the document to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee for final adjudication and subsequent inscription.  Both of these processes take time, and furthermore, each submission is subject to a queuing and prioritization procedure, set mainly by UNESCO.  These processes could together, or even separately, take up to a year or more to complete.  When requested, UNESCO will, when it can, provide ongoing liaison and technical support, as well as indications of how long these processes are likely to take.

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